This is us.

The Reaction Theory

The Reaction Theory, an artistic collective built on creations of new works and traditional works with our own twist on it. The name The Reaction Theory comes from my passion for art and science. At its core belief, all that I want to do is to give an audience the reaction they deserve.


Other than my love for performance and theatre-making, I have an indistinguishable passion for Chemistry. Chemistry is known as the art or study of a substance’s properties and the investigation of their reactions to create a new substance with new properties. It’s the ideology of how does one thing turn into something else and that fascinated me. I would perform experiments, study vigorously on concepts and was one the nerds that tried to learn the periodic table song off the heart. Then doing one experiment, I noticed something.

Equilibrium Reactions



This is an equilibrium reaction. It’s a reaction that naturally finds itself at equilibrium in concentration on both sides of the equation. However, when one side the reaction, for example, the reactants increases, it would create more products to counteract the change and vice versa. The information that clicked with me was the idea that, no matter how much the reaction is affected, it will always find itself at equilibrium but, it wouldn’t be the same as it was before.

It reminded me about the relationships I had in my life. How it could find peace but I would not be as it was before. Science could reflect life. As an artist, I always see it in human behaviour how someone changes because of something else and it’s so perplexing to see how the theories we learn in school relate to life.

The craziest thing scientist do is try to rationalize how the world works. The craziest things artists do is rationalize the actions of the world that we create. It’s very similar but it’s true. We are asking why… and how we respond to the why is what makes art so compelling.


Reagan Mannix and Egan Sun-Bin in 600 Ways to Filter a Sunset | Queensland Theatre

In the end, The Reaction Theory is not here to judge or manipulate. We are here to experiment and try to answer why. To justify and rationalize the actions of the world in order to give you an experience that sticks with you. That makes you think, question and empathize.

Egan Sun-Bin
Founder of The Reaction Theory